“Exploring the value of design, promoting design collaboration” DU Studio joined forces with Zhuxiaobang, Shanghai station designers sharing session held successfully

On October 15th, “Exploring the Value of Design, Helping Design”-The offline sharing session for the designers of the livelihood was successfully held in Shanghai. The sharing session was hosted and inspired by the editor-in-chief/co-founder Feng Hui of OBJEKT Realm Asia. A famous designer Minghe Wenji founder and designer Xu Minghe and DU studio founder Zhu Ping shared their experience and views with the association. Fan Xiao, Director of User Product Operation of Zhuxiaobang, shared with the designers how to better display his work and style through Zhuxiaobang APP in order to find suitable customers.

Zhu Ping, the founder of DU studio, emphasized: “Interior design tests the comprehensive ability of designers. It needs to look at the six paths and keep pace with the times. The designer is to design a space experience, what people like in this era What’s happening, what new things have appeared… and so on. Designers need to be concerned about issues, so I often encourage my designers to read more about technology, cities and other news every morning, so that they can always be exposed New things and new trends. Design breakthroughs must be outside of design. Many ideas are often inspired by things outside of design. These are not drawn in the office every day, so designers must always keep The freshness of this world.