DU studio work with Hangzhou Bay to build a Pioneer District of “HuYong Talent Cooperation Zone”

This project is located at Hangzhou Bay.  In order to attract talents and high quality international companies  to Hangzhou bay , especially from Shanghai side, Ningbo government plan to build a pioneer area to show their policy and vision on their strategy and ambition of Hangzhou Bay development.

The  1st step the government decide to do  is to turn  the original digital economic industry park phase 2 to “Shanghai-Ningbo talent cooperation pioneer area “.  This part is named as  ALA_CO.

The main part of our scope is to renovate original “canteen service center” into a “Co-park” creating a” Shanghai-Ningbo cooperation “scenario that shows the future strategy and plan.  Meanwhile, the whole experience needs to be considered from the main gate to the interior.

Technology, sustainability, humanization is the goal of the project.  The  total interior area is about 12000 m2, including lobby, talent services, exhibition hall, intelligent catering, CEO  salon, business incubation space, roadshow, social space, with some simple restaurant and supermarket.

Inspired by computer CPU, the energy core of computer , the linear, dots  and light  elements are applied  into different  layers of interior space like ceiling , wall and even exterior landscape .  The center of the lobby is an “CPU” like energy box , which is a displaying space for future planning . The reception , human resource counter and coffee , provide an convenient and welcoming place the future tenants on this park .

For the exterior park , curved LED are  proposed to highlight  gate.  Also along the  road to the co-park , lighting , signage, displaying  art pieces and free standing coffee  shop and sport pavilion are arranged to add many layers of  the outdoor space  and enrichen the life of the talents that will work and live here .