Design Union Studio is set up to find an integrated and unique design solution for selected clients. Projects that have been accomplished by the main founders range from interior, product, graphic and furniture-to-lighting design for headquarters, shopping malls, department stores, offices, education center etc.

We believe in “3 H” design principles.

Each interior space is considered as a place of harmony and well-being that focuses on sustainability, comfortable light and acoustic design, appropriate color systems, and superb air quality. Design should always make people feel well-supported and care for the needs at all times.

We design spaces for the people, recognizing the importance of culture, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics, properly balancing traditional values with cutting-edge contemporary design approaches.

The design of space should evoke a natural feeling of happiness that pleasantly engages the senses and the experience of visitors and inhabitants. For this to occur we carefully consider (a) the synthesis and composition of physical materials, (b) an artistic vision that creates soulful resonances, and (c) functionality that grants wishes to every need.