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DU Studio won iF Design Award 2022

DU Studio’s Proswim Club project has won the 2022 iF Design Award in Germany again! The iF Design Awards recognize design excellence in all fields and are the most important design quality certification in the world.Since its inception in Germany in 1953, the iF logo has become a globally recognized symbol of design excellence, recognized by consumers and the design community around the world.
The 2022 iF Design Award finalists were held in Berlin from 29 to 31 March — the largest offline design summit the iF has held in two years. Seventy-five design experts from 23 countries gathered at the old Wilhelm Hallen factory to select the winners of the 2022 iF Design Award!Among them, 70 judges participated on site, and 5 judges participated in the judging activity by way of connection. A panel of 75 judges selected 5,424 finalists from a total of approximately 11,000 entries submitted by 57 countries in January 2022 for the second stage of the final selection process!
The award ceremony is scheduled for May 16 at the Friedrich Palais Theatre, and all winners will be invited to Berlin for the gala. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the epidemic, we are unable to participate in this year’s iF Design night, but we look forward to more excellent works in the future and feedback to customers.

The pursuit of excellence is DU Studio’s mission, the team has taken every project carefully. The goal is not only project completion but helping the client to get  commercial success .We will try our best to use our design to add more value for customers.