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DU studio and ProSwim Academy Swimming work together to build the first endless pool in Shanghai

It never gets easier, you just get stronger

Extreme Blue (Shanghai) Sports Culture Development Company is founded by some interesting people. The founding team includes Mr. Wan Qiang, a former national team coach and an Asian Games champion. Besides, he is a vegetarian and stray animal rescuer; Meng Jiaxiang, a well-known coach of swimming training; Jen, an American lawyer. She never passed the 800 meters in his teenage, but grew up as a marathon and swimming enthusiast. They were born from the 60s to 90s, with different backgrounds but have the same values to do some meaningful things to the society as well as to themselves.

One set of imported Endless Pools equipment which is used for training of American Olympic swimmers will be installed in the new club. With 7.5 horsepower motor, it could make 52 different strengths of wave resistance, providing swimmers continuous training at selected speeds and giving urban residents experience of swimming in simulated ocean waves. Endless Pools is equipped with underwater treadmill. It provides impact-free underwater running training. This could protect our knee against injuries. It’s a unique for people who needs weight loss. Australia Swimpro underwater ultra-clear instant video which can make professional analysis is used here too. It allows the guests to see and helps to improve their underwater movements immediately. 5G makes it possible to upload social tools such as wechat, douyin and so on.

Jen is my good friend. He studied in the United States, worked in UK, traveled around the world, and finally returned to his favorite city Shanghai. High intensity and pressure of lawyers and financial work let her deeply feel the importance of sports. Exercise brings her strong mental power, positive emotions, and confidence. She always believes that people need such experience, work hard – make adjustment – get improvement – achieve success. This could help people bravely face challenges.

To be simple is their life vision. They believe that the first step to self-implement is to be healthy, and to focus on inner self-pursuits instead of material. They would like to get rid of extra stuff in life and worthless social activity and focus what you love, making friends through sports. They ask us to simplify the design of the venue,remove redundant elements, and bring the high-technology and the most professional space to their members.

Based on this vision, our interior space integrates this life concept of self-challenging spirit, simple and nature life-style into our design.

The site is located in Xujiahui, opposite to Xujiahui Monastery. The concrete building and the curved Gothic ceiling inside give us inspiration. The ceiling of the swimming pool adopts the curved structure to hide the light, avoiding the glare which always makes swimmers uncomfortable. Even it is underground, it’s bright and comfortable. What’s special about this project is the big steps on both sides of the pool. People can sit and socialize on both sides. On the end of the pool is the round timers, which is used for swimming races. In waiting area, you can see the swimming pool and endless pool directly. We also set up VIP and multi-functional rooms to increase social opportunities and meet different customer requirements.

In terms of material selection, we use simple concrete, solid wood, cobblestone, cement, tile and some metal. These elements create a sense of nature, primitive and power. In the configuration of color, white and blue swimming pool create a bright and transparent space. In the fitness area, we use white, light pink and black to create a warm and mindful space, which is friendly to female members.

Characteristics of an enterprise reflects the characteristics of entrepreneurs. This project will open in May next year. Looking forward to it and hope this swimming center can bring more energy into the community!

 Forever fit, forever young.