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DUstudio / News  /  Dustudio is commissioned again by Andun to upgrade its headquarters

 Dustudio is commissioned again by Andun to upgrade its headquarters

In the Year of the Tiger, Dustudio once is commissioned again by  Shenzhen Andun Intellectual Property Service Co., LTD., to upgrade its headquarters in Shenzhen.

Andun is an innovative data driven company that focuses on patent protection and application , providing efficient and professional services to its global clients.

The main task is the upgrading of lounge area opposite to the reception and working space  The lounge area is has multifunctional functions, which includes product displaying , waiting area , book area, bar, and casual meeting. These are all organically integrated in an open space. LED belt in the ceiling divide the space softly into to leisure area and customer display area. Black wood bookcases with metallic color continue the color palette of the lift lobby.  A large screen is installed in the core wall for informal meetings . The flowing LED belt on the top and the touch screen on the bar table build a high tech open multimedia display space.

The design language of the elevator hall comes from the logo of Andun, the arc angle of the shield.  It is integrated into our elevator door design .

In the open area, green plant ,cultural displaying and communication areas are added to the existing wall to make the office more green and stimulating the communication of employees. The curved LED shows the newest marketing data.  It reminds the staff the challenges and achievement all the time, Meanwhile, it provides a place for the boss to have all staff meeting .

We hope the new upgrade will bring a refreshing office environment to the staff  and help the next development of Andun .