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NYC, Shijiazhuang

With their experiential early learning centre environment in north-eastern China, DU Studio aims to assist learning through play and creativity. NYC Kids Club is an early learning centre that originated in New York with a curriculum based around music and art classes. As such, the Shijazhuang branch, set within a shopping centre, comprises space for art, cooking, music and dance, as well as two gym areas, within is 900-sq-m location. Designed by DU Studio, the space itself is envisioned as a ‘responsive...

NYC Changsha

This is an early learning center for New York kids club at Changsha.    It  has  4 types of classrooms , which includes music,GYM,  dance and cooking.  The design concept is tangram, a popular toy for kids in China.  The idea is to use simple elements to make everyroom  a playful and interactvie space. The room is a space to learn and  a big toy to play.  For example , speakers are inserted into the wall , the kids can hear what...