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Gmale office at Beijing

DUstudio / Gmale office at Beijing

Gmale office at Beijing

In the post-epidemic era, when we return to the office, we have to think about how to build a suitable “spatial ecosystem” to adapt to changes in the environment and meet people’s psychological and physical demands for work, social, learning, rest, health etc. In the high-density office space, we need a workplace that functions efficiently also makes ourselves feel calm and close to nature.

DUStudio’s newly completed Gemale North China Regional office near Beijing’s East Third Ring Road is such a place. Besides of  meeting the needs of the future development, basic social distance, safe air purification system and  health demands, the main feature is that a green belt embedded in the office core wall cladding with concrete panel wall. The idea is to let the staff enjoying the beauty of nature in every corner of the space, while not occupying too much space in the tight office. Above and below the green belt is display and storage spaces.

At the entrance,  the open Windows extend  vistors’ sight to the city of of Beijing and bring nature light in.

The language of this space design was inspired by the company logo made of many small squares. White and clean background wall, simple linear lights in the ceiling, and white reception desk , together to interpret the characteristics of the company : the great truth lies in the simplest things.  The lower table of the front desk can be decorated with sculpture, or dynamic projection in the future.

On the left is a conference room, equipped with electrified glass,  On the right is a small meeting room framed with brushed stainless steel,  a strong contrast to the open ceiling and concrete floor. The orange carpet gradually melts into the conference room from outside the open space.

Because of the high density of this project, the collaboration space is limited. In order  to use the space flexibly, the large conference room and the training room are merged into one, separated with the break out area by a folded partition wall. The tables in the large conference room are made of standard training tables, so that the tables can be placed randomly and flexibly used for different functions such as project discussion, training and company meetings. At the same time to reduce contact infection, sound control switches are used in the meeting rooms.

Science and humanization is the principle of Gemdale . This office is a practice of rethinking about how high-density office should work during the post-epidemic period, and a application of  company’s principles.







Gmale Beijing




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