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Hangzhou tower Renovation

DUstudio / Hangzhou tower Renovation

Hangzhou tower Renovation

Hangzhou Building has always been at the forefront of department store retail, and has been a pioneer to innovate its business models and services, providing better experience and service to customers

This area to be transformed is in the 4F of Building B of Hangzhou Tower, where the main luxury brands are located. To serve better the VVIP, it is decided to open an exclusive area for haute couture customer. At present, Chanel, LV and other several luxury brands will be here . This area is not large, but it is an important step to explore how to better serve for high-end customers.


Our task is the renovation of the public area and its facilities. The overall design of the tone is private, low-key but with the sense of artistic and luxury.

The 3D carved glass is selected for the wall in the bathroom, creating a background water flowing. Behind the glass is a landscape painting. It is to bring more nature feeling into this private space, turning it into a nice and fresh experience. Customized three-dimensional woven metal is applied to some public walkways, low-key and special. Traditional paintings collected by the client from local artist is presented on the wall of the elevator hall in a modern way. It is a combination of projection and bronze carving text of the famous poem.


Hanzghou Tower




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