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HEMA Hangzhou Renovation

HEMA , as Alibabas  new retail pioneer has been experiencing quick expansion. This unique store is located  in Hangzhou along West-lake , one of the hot tourism destinations in China. The scope is mainly the 4000m2 dining area, which is divided into mainly three zones, seafood, local southern china food and seafood. DU was told that this renovation is not only for better dining  experience , it is to help HEMA to find its own ID because it is so new. 

About 2000 acrylic little hanging fishes was installed along the conveyer belt,  which is a unique feature of  this new retail store that is the key element that support  the  30min delivery in 3km.  . It goes across the whole space from the distributing room to the picking point for courier, from fish tank to local Hangzhou food dining area.   The fishes flock highlight the track and function as way finding system for customers as well.  

In the dining area, local elements are used to show its special location.   Hangzhou building wall bricks and roof tile are used to form different half private dining area. The fishing net was used to customize the pendant lighting fixtures above it. It is indicating the fresh seafood of HEMA.

In the project, it is the first time DU combine  all of the services into a HUB, including self checking system , hand washing and dining accessories.

It is a low budget project . DU worked with client to explore how the new technique meets China local culture and discover the possibilities the new retail in China.






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