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Yutong oversea business cafe

DUstudio / Yutong oversea business cafe

Yutong oversea business cafe

The cafe is located on the 15th floor of the sales building of Yutong headquarters, about 1,000 m 2. it is at the lift area when the huest arrives. The 15th floor is the overseas sales department, mainly operating for overseas customers. This café is where they relax and have informal conversation or meetings.

Because of the special customers are mostly from aboard, the concept of interior comes from the waves of the sea. Different blue carpet, formed layers of waves.  Because indoor height is limited, ceiling is opened up to make it more spacious.  The suspended ceiling, made with white GRG, is like a floating cloud in the sky. The warped edge is to make it look light.

Here the function is relatively simple. Space is divided into two main zones by the central lift area. North is nmore noisy zone , which include nbar and open lounge area. South side is more quiet, which is composed by private meeting room and reading area.

No matter Open or close, noisy or quiet, all these zones are naturally organized  along the “wave” and welcome to every customer.  The space, to certain extent, conveys Yutong’s open mind to the global market.


Yu Tong




Interior Design